Fewer used bikes as demand soars

It’s been a tough year for new motorbike sales, with the Covid-19 disruption and restrictions, but it’s also had a knock-on effect on the used market, resulting in a shortage of stock.

With fewer bikes being built during the coronavirus pandemic, some riders have turned to the used market which has further increased demand.

And with showrooms shut during two lockdowns, some riders have put off changing their motorbike this year.

Demand for used motorbikes has also been boosted by people shying away from public transport, as a result of the pandemic, and looking for safer, alternative forms of transport.

Sales manager Mark Trench said: “People are returning to, or getting into, two wheels so there’s been an increase in customers but there are only so many used motorbikes.

“The supply of new motorbikes inevitably has a knock-on effect on the used market,” he explained.

It means that used prices have been very strong this year.

“Used market values have held firm, or even increased on some models this year. The supply of used bikes has decreased and the demand has increased.”

Fortunately, loyal customers have helped us maintain a good stock of used motorbikes but, while we normally carry 50 to 70 models, this year it has regularly been down to 30 to 40.

“We’ve done OK because a lot of our bikes are ones we supplied new and are then part-exchanged. We specialise in motorbikes we know and have sold before.”

With fewer used motorbikes available nationwide, we’ve also seen increased interest in our stock from riders throughout the UK and have been kept busy delivering used models much further afield.

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