Exciting and busy time as 22 plate arrives

March is an exciting time of year with the arrival of the new registration plate and the start of the motorbike season.

Our dealership has been buzzing with activity and the showroom filling up with new 22-plate motorbikes, ready to be collected by eager owners.

Sales manager Mark Trench said March was going to be a good month for new bikes and part-exchanges would also bring in more used stock.

“With orders we are ahead of where we would like to be but deliveries are slightly slower due to supply delays.

“We’ve had lots of orders so far in 2022 but handovers have been a bit spaced out because of late deliveries of some models due to Covid. Manufacturers are still a bit behind in production.”

Stock shortages have evened out the supply of motorbikes to customers. So, while we have loads of bikes on order, the big sales peaks have been smoothed out a little which takes pressure off the workshop getting all the motorbikes ready for collection.

Another positive is that the showroom is actually open. Last year it was shut by a Covid closure which held up sales until it reopened in April.