Electrified models heading to showroom and demo fleet

The electrified motorbike era charges into Orwell Motorcycles this month with the arrival of exciting new models from Kawasaki.

The new Kawasaki hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and electric only (EV) models, due to arrive in the showroom early this month, are set to create a lot of interest.

We will have a Z 7 Hybrid on the demo fleet and both Z and Ninja e-1 pure electric motorbikes in the showroom.

Dave Willis said: “We’re very excited to be taking delivery of our first hybrid, probably in the first week of June.

“We’ll have the Z 7 Hybrid as a demonstrator so riders can try out this new technology.

“The hybrids are a first for the motorcycle industry, not just Kawasaki.”

The hybrid has a new petrol 451cc parallel twin, water-cooled four-stroke engine, with automated six-speed transmission which can also be used manually, and a 9kW traction motor plus battery.

An ‘e-boost’ button, on the right handlebar cluster, boosts power from 59PS to 69PS for five seconds before it charges up again.

Torque is an impressive combined 60.4Nm at just 2,800rpm.

There are three riding modes:

  • Sport-hybrid when the six-speed transmission is operated manually via a handlebar button on the left
  • Eco-hybrid with automatic gear shifting
  • Low-speed short-distance pure electric

The mid-size hybrid package offers 650 to 700cc class performance, instant acceleration to rival a 1,000cc-class supersport model from a standing start and economy on a par with a 250cc – a claimed 77mpg in eco-hybrid and 71mpg in sport-hybrid.

Innovative features include idling stop to turn the petrol engine off when stationary, saving fuel and cutting emissions, automatic launch position finder selects first gear at a standstill plus a forward and reverse ‘walk mode’ to aid low-speed manoeuvring and parking.


The battery-powered, zero emission Z e-1 and Ninja e-1, Kawasaki’s first electric motorbikes, are learner-friendly alternatives to 125cc petrol motorbikes.

The motor, rated at 5kw with 9Kw on demand, is powered by two removable batteries wired in parallel for more efficient use of the charge. Two smaller batteries are easier to carry than a large, heavy battery.

The advanced lithium-ion batteries can be taken out and charged in a docking station or left in place and boosted with a lead from the charger unit to an under-seat socket.

The twist-and-go EVs have no clutch or gears but two riding modes – road and eco. An e-boost button under the twist grip delivers on-demand 9kw of power and acceleration, plus a potential top speed of 61.5mph for a short distance.

A walk mode allows the electric motorbikes to be manoeuvred at walking pace, forwards and backwards, for tight parking spots or moving back up a slope.

The Z 7 and Ninja 7 Hybrids are both priced at £11,949.

The naked Z e-1 is £7,799 and the faired Ninja e-1 £8,299 but we expect most potential owners to look at PCP finance.

Both pure electric motorbikes qualify for the government’s £500 plug-in vehicle grant.

Our workshop technicians will be doing online courses on the electrified motorbikes and upgrading their Kawasaki training.

Find out more about the new Kawasaki models and full range at orwell.co.uk/kawasaki/orwell-kawasaki-ipswich