Electric Kawasakis on sale this month

Kawasaki’s first electric motorbikes arrive this month and we’re very excited about this new era of green power.

The battery-powered, zero emission Z e-1 and Ninja e-1 fit within the 125cc class of current motorbikes.

Pricing has been revealed with the naked Z e-1 £7,799 and faired Ninja e-1 £8,299.

Dave Willis said; “People will want to see them in the showroom and ask questions because it’s such a different concept.

“If you’re going to buy a small bike for commuting, you might well go for electric rather than a twist-and-go scooter. The Kawasakis look like motorbikes.”

The near silent and efficient brushless motor is rated at 5kw, with 9Kw on demand, and is powered by two removable batteries wired in parallel for more efficient use of the charge.

And two smaller batteries are easier to carry than one large, heavy battery.

The twist-and-go EVs have no clutch or gears but two riding modes – Road and Eco. An e-boost button under the twist grip delivers on-demand 9kw of power and acceleration, plus a potential top speed of 61.5mph, over a short distance.

A walk mode allows the e-1 to manoeuvre at walking pace, forwards and backwards, for tight parking spots or moving back up a slope.

The metallic bright silver and metallic matte lime green colour scheme will be the signature livery of future Kawasaki EV models.

The TFT display has smartphone connectivity and gives details of riding status, range, availability of boost function and riding mode.

The advanced Li-Ion batteries can be taken out and charged in a docking station or left in place and boosted with a lead from the charger unit to an under-seat socket.

Check out orwell.co.uk/kawasaki/new-kawasaki-motorcycle-range/supernaked/z-ev and orwell.co.uk/kawasaki/new-kawasaki-motorcycle-range/supersport-and-sports/ninja-ev