Dressed to thrill… not chill

You must have noticed that September has heralded a definite early-morning chill, as well as the new 70 registration plate.

But, with temperatures rising during the day, it’s not time to switch to winter motorbike clothing just yet.

What’s the answer? - Layers.

We’re not talking vests, extra T-shirts and jumpers but the latest technology in motorbike clothing that is thin, warm, breathable and comfortable.

Our Rev’It mid layer thermal jackets are available in insulation fabric and thin quilted styles. As well as being warm, they look good enough to wear as casual clothing when not riding your motorbike.

If you really want to turn up the heat, you will warm to the Gerbing heated jacket liner.

When the weather turns colder, we’ve got you, and it, covered with Rev’It and Oxford base layers – including tops, trousers, inner gloves and balaclavas in a variety of materials.

We also have a wide range of neck scarves, which are also in demand as coronavirus face coverings.

New winter outer clothing, some in new colours, is starting to arrive in the showroom with the latest Alpinestars jackets already on display.

Laminated jackets and trousers are becoming the ultimate wet-weather wear.

A waterproof membrane is bonded to the inside of the thick outer material rather than, in the case of a traditional two or three-layer jacket, inserted into the inner jacket.

This prevents the outer material absorbing so much water and the clothing becoming wet, cold or heavy. Because water runs off laminated clothing better, you don’t drip everywhere when you get off your bike and it dries faster.

Daniel Williams, one of our clothing and accessories experts, said: “Mid layers are far more effective than a jumper which would have to be really thick to give the same amount of insulation. And you can still wear them when not on your bike.

“You can wear your summer-weight outer clothing and put an extra layer under it,” he explained. “Mid layers make a surprising amount of difference.”

Base layers are also made of material that wicks moisture away from the body to the exterior of the clothing where it can evaporate more easily.

“If you have a good-quality, weatherproof jacket and trousers you need good-quality, breathable base layers underneath so they all work properly. You don’t want your clothing getting wet from the inside!”

Find out more about mid and base layers and the latest winter clothing by visiting our online shop at orwell.co.uk/shop/clothing