Double whammy causing some stock delays

New Brexit regulations on goods coming into the UK, combined with ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, have resulted in delays on deliveries of some parts and stock.

Dave Forster, our parts, accessories and clothing manager, said: “I’m afraid people will have to expect some delays. We can’t guarantee parts and stock arriving with us from Europe like we used to.”

Genuine parts from Japanese manufacturers come to the UK from warehouses in Europe.

New Brexit restrictions, red tape and paperwork are currently causing delays getting some stock across the Channel.

This was very noticeable early last month but, thankfully, the situation seems to be getting better, and the import times shorter, but there’s still some way to go.

The delays are normally only a few days but, in some cases, weeks.

“Brexit is the main culprit but many manufacturers and suppliers also have staff off sick due to the Covid-19 pandemic and fewer staff working because of social-distancing restrictions.”

Brexit is also raising the cost of some parts, accessories and clothing.

“There have been some price increases as well because some manufacturers now have to cover the import duty on everything that’s sent to us. Some suppliers have raised prices by up to 10%.”

Even a 10% increase does not cover the full import duty so manufacturers are subsidising the extra cost, and not passing all of it on to customers, or currently bearing all of it.

“Some manufacturers are subsidising all, or at least some, of the import duty so far this year but prices will have to go up unless there is a better deal,” said Dave.

“The situation should get better as time goes on and the process becomes more streamlined.”

Director Rob Walters said: “We’ve got some bikes in the workshop that are waiting for one or two parts because we can’t get all of them and we don’t always know when they’re coming in. We’re having to be flexible in the workshop.”

Once delayed parts arrive, the priority is to finish the work and get the motorbike back to the owner.

“Brexit red tape has not helped and, with Covid-19, it’s been a double whammy because a lot of parts come from, or via, Europe.”

And, currently, we’re also not getting so many new motorbikes arriving as a result of manufacturing delays caused by supply chain issues and factories being shut during lockdowns.

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