Demo bikes offer great deals

With the weather turning and the traditional motorcycle riding season coming to an end for many riders, it’s time to sell some of the bikes on our demo fleet.

They had their last display outing of the year at Copdock Motorcycle Show this month.

Rob Walters said: “Several of our demo bikes are now for sale and more will be coming up as we go towards the end of the season. We try to have a demo of most of the models we sell so it covers all models.

“But, because there is only one of each, once they’ve gone, they’ve gone.”

Sales drop slightly over the winter, with December and January the lowest months, before picking up again ahead of spring as bikers look to make the most of their latest new or used model.

“Someone buying a demo bike now can still have a couple of months of decent weather.

“A lot of finance offers, such as 0% and low interest, are also available on some demo bikes to encourage sales. Our demo bikes are low mileage, most will have had their first service and, because they are demo bikes, they are checked over regularly.

“It is a good opportunity to save on the cost of a new bike for the sake of a few hundred miles.”

We have around 20 demo models, plus courtesy bikes, at the height of the season, dropping to a minimum of half a dozen in mid-winter before we start adding more to the fleet as the new model year bikes are launched.