Demand boosts used motorbikes sales

Sales of used motorbikes are growing this year and are now about double our new registrations again.

Prices for good, clean, quality used models have come back into line after the Covid pandemic led to inflated prices due to a worldwide shortage of new motorbikes.

It means our split of motorbike sales has returned to one third new and two thirds used.

Director Dave Willis said: “We’re still keeping up a good stock of used bikes. We currently have about 70.”

As well as motorbikes from our three franchises – Kawasaki, KTM and Suzuki – we regularly take in good, clean trade-in and part-exchange Hondas, Yamahas, BMWs, Triumphs and Royal Enfields.

“Used bikes sell well this time of year.

“Our sales split has actually switched back from people just tending to buy new, new, new. In the last few months we have sold loads of used bikes.

“Last year a lot of riders were buying new motorbikes, thanks to some great manufacturer deals, so the used market seemed relatively expensive in contrast.”

With PCP deals, buying a new motorbike meant only a small hike in the monthly payment.

“Our sales mix has gone back to how it was – two thirds used and one third new instead of the 50/50 split of the last few years. The popularity of used bikes has been growing since March this year.”

Used motorbike prices increased during Covid when there was a limited supply of new models, due to factories closing, and a shortage of computer chips for electronic systems.

“Used bike prices have now realigned,” said Dave.

“With PCP finance deals we have good used motorbikes coming in after three years. And, unlike a lot of bike dealers, we buy a lot of used bikes.”

We can also source used bikes for specific customer requests.”

Some riders buy used motorbikes and trade them in regularly when they fancy a change.

We’re still selling and delivering used motorbikes to riders across mainland UK from the south coast right up to Scotland.

Pop into the showroom to peruse our varied stock of used motorbikes or visit