Customer-friendly displays working well

If you’ve not visited our showroom for a while you’re in for a treat.

General manager Richard Paine and the parts team are taking the transformation of our display areas for clothing and accessories to the next phase.

It looks great and customers’ comments have been very positive.

The latest revamp was moving the KTM display of clothing, boots, helmets and accessories to a dedicated space in front of the workshop viewing window.

The three display units for our comprehensive range of helmets have been rearranged, and now run parallel to each other, to create space for KTM and benefit customers.

We’ve also moved some KTM motorbikes into the area in front of service reception so the displays of KTM-branded products have a more logical flow.

The makeover is already proving its worth with the improved display opportunities making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Richard said: “It has absolutely worked. We’ve sold a lot of KTM carbon fibre Power Parts within days of creating that new area because people can interact with it.”

Once new 24-plate motorbikes have been delivered, so freeing up showroom space, we’ll build a 3.6m rack to show off 24 to 30 top boxes, panniers and associated luggage such as backpacks, throwover panniers and tail and tank bags.

That will then allow us to put different products on the back wall of the accessories department and display more Oxford products and accessories, which are huge sellers, and create a wet wear wall.

“People really appreciate Oxford products for motorbike care and general maintenance and we want to better display what people like to shop for, such as more mirrors and indicators.”

So watch this space – it’s constantly changing for the better.

If you’re unable to visit the showroom, you can buy items via our online shop.