Crash course in new helmet standard and cleaning

Are you aware of the new initiative to make crash helmets even safer?

If you’ve not heard about it, eagle-eyed riders might have noticed more newly-released helmets carrying a sticker proclaiming they meet the latest Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) standard.

If you’re not planning to change your current helmet, or even buy a new one that complies with the previous standard, don’t worry as it will still be legal and safe to wear.

The new ECE 22.06 standard replaces ECE 22.05. From last month, all new helmets being made must conform to it.

ECE 22.05 replaced the BS helmet standard in June 2000. New materials and technologies now mean it makes way for ECE 22.06. It also sees the number of impact point tests rise from six to 18 to improve safety.

ECE 22.06 emerged in 2020 and many new helmets in our wide range of stock meet the new standard.

Daniel Williams, our parts, clothing and accessories manager, said: “ECE 22.06 helmets are now coming through but most new helmets on sale are still 22.05 which are still legal to sell and can continue to be worn.”

The new 22.06 helmets tend to be slightly heavier to meet the new impact tests.

After much deliberation nationally, there is now no restriction on selling new 22.05 helmets. It had been mooted they could not be sold or supplied from January 2024 but that would leave manufacturers and dealers with out-of-date stock.

Common sense has prevailed. Rather than put a deadline on the demise of 22.05 helmets, it is accepted there will be a natural runout of 22.05 helmets with production of them ending last month.


On the subject of helmets, this is the time of year they get splattered by flying bugs and insects.

So what are the best ways to get them off your visor and helmet?

Visor cleaning wipes are easy to carry and remove bugs and clean any dirt.

Special spray dissolves road grime and crusty bugs which can then be gently cleaned away with a soft cloth. Available in large or small bottles, the latter can be carried in a pocket or under a motorbike seat.

A damp sponge and mild soapy water will give your helmet and visor a thorough wash. Make sure you can use soapy water first though as some helmet manufacturers only advise using warm water.

Particularly stubborn ‘air kill’ can be softened by putting wet paper towels or a damp microfibre cloth over your helmet.

We have a range of visor cleaning sprays, special polish designed for helmets and products for cleaning and keeping the inside fresh.

  • Muc-Off Foam Fresh (£10) helps keep helmet liners, gloves, body armour and boots clean and smelling fresh.
  • Muc-Off Helmet, Visor and Goggle Cleaner in 250ml (£8.99) and 30ml (£5.99) bottles.
  • Muc-Off Helmet Care Kit (£29.99) includes Foam Fresh (400ml), Premium Anti-fog Treatment (32ml), Helmet, Visor and Goggle Cleaner (250ml), a luxury microfibre polishing cloth and a premium microfibre detailing cloth.
  • Putoline Helmet Sanitizer (£9.95 for 500ml) leaves the helmet lining with a fresh, citrus smell. It can also be used to clean the helmet shell and visor.

Check out all our products to help you clean and protect your motorbike and clothing at