Building a successful partnership with training school

We’ve had a very successful working relationship with our local motorbike training school for many years but fresh blood at both businesses is giving the partnership new impetus.

Ipswich Rider Training, founded 20 years ago, has now changed its name to Suffolk Rider Training because it works further afield.

Director and instructor Graham Carey, who has taken over the training school with Clive Lockwood, said: “It’s still the same company, with the same ethos and raison d’etre.”

Suffolk Rider Training works closely with us, partnering and sharing a stand at various events including the Stonham and Copdock motorcycle shows.

Graham said it was increasingly important for an approved motorcycle training school and local dealership to work together to provide a complete package for riders.

Originally Ipswich Rider Training worked out of the back of our Ranelagh Road site in Ipswich before expanding to its current Wharfedale Road site, off Dales Road.

The long-standing relationship was given new impetus with Graham and fellow director Clive taking over Ipswich Rider Training coinciding with Dave Willis and Rob Walters acquiring Orwell Motorcycles.

Suffolk Rider Training works with around 2,000 students a year, doing compulsory basic training (CBT) and providing some 240 full licence courses.

“Our primary focus is training for CBTs and full licences but we do some advanced work as well,” he said.

It also does refresher rides for experienced riders and has close links with the local Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists.

Suffolk Rider Training is a Motorcycle Industry Association approved gold standard school and provides Kawasaki Rider Training Services (KRTS)

Its fleet includes four Suzuki SV650s, two Kawasaki Z125s and two Kawasaki 650s, including restricted models, for A2 to A licences. It now plans to change its bikes sooner - every two years.

Some of its bikes, including a Suzuki SV650 and a Kawasaki Z125, have had their seats lowered for shorter riders.

“In the last couple of years we’ve also seen a growing band of lady riders,” Graham explained. “Physically, they can be smaller so we need to work with that.

“When you’re learning, it gives you extra confidence when you can put your feet down on the ground more easily.”

Students and instructors also regularly visit motorcycle dealers, including our showroom, to help build the relationship and introduce students to our team.

Many riders also need training so we partner closely with Suffolk Rider Training, if necessary paying for the course and then building the cost of it into any finance package they have for their bike.

Graham said: “It enables a customer to spread the cost of the training over the period of their loan which, for some people, is the only way they feel they can get it all done.”

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