All set for super September success on new 71 plate

We’re firing on all cylinders for soaraway September sales boosted by the launch of the new 71 registration plate.

We hope to compete with last September when we achieved record sales as the market took off after Covid-19 restrictions had shut the showroom over the spring of 2020.

Director Dave Willis said: “Last year September was amazing and we broke all our records because the showroom had been shut earlier in the year.

“This year is also going to see a great September. The showroom has been open since April but there are still some supply issues.

“If we can get all the stock, our sales might even be better than last year.”

KTM has pulled out all the stops delivering bikes to us, after some shortages earlier this year, but Kawasaki and Suzuki are still having some delays supplying stock.

He explained that Covid-19 in countries where Kawasakis and Suzukis were produced had disrupted loading stock. There are reports of hundreds of cargo ships lying idle outside ports.

Manufacturers are even using air freight to deliver some products to minimise disruption.

Meanwhile, used motorbike sales are still strong and show no signs of slowing.

“We would normally start to slow down buying used bikes at this time of year, because we’re coming to the end of the traditional riding season and know we’ll get a lot of trade-ins in September, but not this year,” he explained.

Now people seem more willing to buy a good used bike much later in the year. It might be because they tend to look online more and we’re selling more used bikes further afield. Or maybe they’re riding more in winter when the weather is fine.

“The season seems to be going on longer. It helped that it was particularly sunny later last year so now I’m hoping for an Indian summer!”