All in order as more new motorbikes arrive

March was a busy month with the new 22 registration plate seeing a lot of new motorbikes leaving our showroom.

The month’s sales were also boosted by us making inroads into the backlog of orders caused by a shortage of stock due to supply issues resulting from Covid and factory closures.

But now more stock is starting to trickle in.

Sales manager Mark Trench said: “A number of customers have placed orders and the bikes are now being delivered to the UK.”

They include our first two orders for the new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT sports tourer which is now coming through in better numbers.

And the first special Z 50th Anniversary models are starting to come in – and immediately going out to lucky customers.

So far we’ve had one of each of our 50th Anniversary models finished in the special retro colour schemes – Candy Diamond Brown Z900RS and Z650RS and Firecracker Red Z900 and Z650 – and all have been delivered. More deliveries will be staggered throughout the year.

We’ve also had the first two of our limited edition Yellow Ball Kawasaki Z900RS SEs with more still to come over the summer, right up to September.

It’s good news for some customers but we still have some outstanding orders and will deliver them as soon as they arrive.

Manufacturers are now beginning to supply motorbikes in good numbers and we’re confident most owners will have their new models in time for summer.

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