Scottoil 500ml Hi-Temp Refill

Scottoil 500ml Hi-Temp Refill

Scottoil High Temp Red 500ml

SKU: SA-0004

Scottoil High Temp Red 500ml is specifically blended for use with Scottoiler chain lube systems.

  • Scottoiler High-Temp. Red is specifically designed for warmer climates
  • 500ml is enough for 10,000 miles of riding
  • It should be used in average daily temperatures of 20- 40°C (68°F-104°F)
  • Your choice of oil depends on the general riding temperatures you usually experience
  • Suitable for hotter climates such as Asia, Australia and southern Europe
  • Comes with Spout for easy filling

A Standard Blue Oil is also available for temperatures between 0°-30°C

Please note: These no longer come with the clear filling tube, but it's available to buy on it's own if needed.