Gps Holder

Part No: 93002903100
Gps Holder

KTM GPS bracket

Only for use on original handlebar mounting.

Article NoDescriptionModel YearModel Variant
842233450 EXC Racing 20032003GB
F8475O3450 XC-W 20152015US
7403L2300 EXC Six Days 20122012EU
830332400 EXC Racing Six-Days 20032003EU
F8103N5BC200 Duke 20142014MY
9860L1990 Supermoto R 20122012AU,GB
9823J3990 Adventure R 20122010FR
F9960R51290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018AU
F4383T1390 Duke 20202020TH
F9960M61190 Adventure R 20132013AU
8475E8450 EXC-G Racing 20052005US
9775I8690 Enduro R 20092009US
970331640 LC4 Adventure 20032003EU
F8275N0350 XC-F 20142014US
9860K8990 Super Duke R 20112011AU,GB
8499D0450 SMS 20042004EU
F9960OA1290 Super Adventure 20152015AU
F8203P4Freeride 350 20162016EU
F8103M5BC200 Duke 20132013MY
9775I9690 SMC 20092009US
F7303N4Freeride 250 R 20142014EU
9875IA990 Super Duke 20092009US
9703I8690 Enduro R 20092009EU
9703H6690 Enduro 20082008EU
9725H8690 Duke 20082008EU
F9986T41290 Super Adventure S 20202020JP
9823L0990 Supermoto T 20122012FR
F4375O1390 Duke 20152015US
9860F5990 Adventure 20062006AU,GB
9803J5990 Adventure 20102010EU
F9923O71190 Adventure 20152015FR
F4142S2200 Duke 20192019AR
7303H2250 EXC Six Days 20082008EU
F9960Q61290 Super Adventure R 20172017AU
7403K2300 EXC-E Six Days 20112011EU
F7440S6300 EXC 20192019BR
F4188Q1200 Duke 20172017ASIA
F4103S2200 Duke 20192019EU
F4303S1390 Duke 20192019EU
F7103O2125 EXC Six Days 20152015EU
F8103P2250 EXC-F Six Days 20162016EU
F7275O3200 XC-W 20152015US
F4360O1390 Duke 20152015AU
9860E6950 Adventure 20052005AU,GB
F4342R1390 Duke 20182018AR
9803G2950 Supermoto 20072007EU
F7403P6300 EXC 20162016EU
9803G1950 Supermoto R 20072007EU
9875D3950 Adventure S 20042004US
8560L9500 EXC 20122012AU
9703J8690 Enduro R 20102010EU
8003L5125 Duke 20122012EU
8575H7530 EXC-R 20082008US
F8275R9350 EXC-F 20182018US
F9923P61190 Adventure R 20162016FR
986031950 Adventure 20032003AU
7460F0300 EXC 20062006AU
8475F8450 EXC-G Racing 20062006US
730330250 EXC 20032003EU
F8240Q9350 EXC-F 20172017BR
F4183S3200 Duke 20192019TH
F7375Q3250 XC-W 20172017US
F4387R1390 Duke 20182018CN
9823I8990 Super Duke R 20092009FR
8503G3525 EXC Racing 20072007EU
F9703N3690 Duke 20142014EU
F8003N7125 Duke 20142014EU
8026L4125 Duke 20122012EU
7203L6200 EXC 20122012EU
F7375O3250 XC-W 20152015US
F7303T2250 EXC Six Days TPI 20202020EU
F8275O2350 XCF-W Six Days 20152015US
8175K0250 XC-F 20112011US
F4187R1200 Duke 20182018CN
F7303Q6250 EXC 20172017EU
F4103O2200 Duke 20152015EU
F8503S9500 EXC-F 20192019EU
F4389Q1390 DUKE 20172017MY
F4387N7BC390 Duke 20142014CN
F4187S2200 Duke 20192019CN
8522D3525 EXC Racing 20042004GB
F7175T3150 XC-W TPI 20202020US
F9903T71290 Super Adventure R 20202020EU
7375E3250 EXC 20052005US
9875H6990 Adventure 20082008US
F4103N5200 Duke 20142014EU
8503L9500 EXC 20122012EU
F4341S1390 Duke 20192019CO
9860F4990 Super Duke 20062006AU,GB
F9760M8690 Enduro R 20132013AU
F4360S2390 Duke 20192019AU
9860I1990 Supermoto R 20092009AU,GB
F7260O6200 EXC 20152015AU
F4288T3250 Duke 20202020
8503G1525 XC Desert Racing 20072007EU
987531950 Adventure 20032004US
F4360Q1390 DUKE 20172017AU

This does fit other models too but this page isn't long enough to list them all! Please contact us to double check.