Shoei Intercom Sho-1 Single

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Shoei Intercom Sho-1 Single


Just like your trusted SHOEI helmet, the new cardo SHO-1 is an extraordinary piece of equipment. With its unique and patented modular architecture, the SHO-1 integrates seamlessly with the SHOEI helmet design(1). On the inside, the SHO-1 houses the most advanced communication technology, including an unmatched plethora of features and functions. On the outside, it offers a streamlined and discreet appearance, including a replaceable battery for those extra-long-riding tours.

SHOEI riders will appreciate the voice-controlled operation of the cardo SHO-1. Not only will their hands remain on the handlebar for extra safety, but using the system also means natural and intuitive operation of this extremely feature-rich device. Among others, the cardo SHO-1 offers voice-controlled intercom calls with up to 8 additional riders or 4-Way intercom conferencing within a 1.6 km(2) range.

And there is more: Riders can connect two mobile phones simultaneously and talk hands-free. Streaming stereo music from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or MP3 player is a breeze and so is the ability to receive in the ear navigation instructions from your GPS. You can also stay up-to-date with the latest traffic and weather reports from local radio stations with the built-in FM radio.

The unique Cardo Community web platform allows riders to invite fellow bikers for a ride, plan and join tours, and personalize the device settings to get the most out of your riding experience. Lastly, the cardo SHO-1's upgradable software(3) will ensure you remain at the forefront of technology.

This intercom is designed for the following Shoei models:

  • Qwest
  • Multitec
  • J-Cruise
  • RJ-Platinum
  • XR-1100
  • Neotec
  • Hornet-DS

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