Revit Vest Connector Neon Neon Yellow

Part No: FAR0390410S
Revit Vest Connector Neon Neon Yellow

With the Vest connector NEON any Revit jacket can be upgraded to greater visibility. It is designed to wear over all jackets in a subtle and stylish way. The vest can be fixed to the outer shell of almost all the new style jackets with Velcro loops.

Thanks to the mesh fabric it ventilates well and it won’t flap or bubble out. For a snug fit the vest can be adjusted on the sides. The neon yellow fabric combined with the 3M Scotchlite™ reflection stripes dramatically increase riders’ visibility. A small upgrade with great benefits.

Sizes Men's textile jacket XS–M; Connector NEON M Men's textile jacket L-XXL; Connector NEON L Men's textile jacket XYL-XZL; Connector NEON XL Ladies textile jacket 34–38; Connector NEON S Ladies textile jacket 40-42; Connector NEON M Ladies textile jacket 44-48; Connector NEON L The vest Connector NEON can be connected to these REV'IT! jackets: FJT150 Sand 2 FJT151 Sand 2 NEON FJT152 Levante FJT153 Levante Ladies FJT169 Poseidon GTX FJT170 Chronos GTX FJT171 Neptune GTX FJT172 Neptune NEON GTX FJT181 Voltiac FJT183 Vapor FJT184 Sand Ladies FJT191 Voltiac Ladies FJT192 Monroe Ladies FJT193 Cayenne Pro FJT194 Defender Pro GTX FJT195 Dominator GTX FJT196 Neptune GTX Ladies FJT203 Enterprise FJT204 Safari 2 FJT205 Tornado 2 FJT207 Tornado2 Ladies FJT208 Outback 2 FJT209 Outback 2 Ladies FJT222 Lucid FJT228 Sand 3 FJT226 Horizon 2 FJT227 Horizon 2 Ladies