Revit Pants Airborne Ll Dark Grey

Part No: FTU2090140L
Revit Pants Airborne Ll Dark Grey

Rev'it Pants Airborne LL - Item no. FTU209

The Airborne LL pants – much like the aptly named Airborne LS shirt – complement each other in terms of being highly functional and extremely comfortable base layers. Don’t ride another day without them. By combining lightweight, highly stretchable yarns with strategically placed engineered knitting patterns (following the so-called body mapping principle), comfort is naturally woven into its DNA. Furthermore, the materials used in these pants draw moisture away from the skin and then to the surface of the fabric where it can easily evaporate. Additionally, by using the round-knit weaving technology, there are no seams that could annoyingly press against the skin normally found in areas where body armor is located or unnecessarily put on pressure at the joints.