Revit Gloves Livengood Gtx Black

Part No: FGW0821010L
Revit Gloves Livengood Gtx Black

Gloves Livengood GTX - Item no. FGW082

We've created a pair of gloves that balances insulation and warmth for those who use their heated grips: the Livengood GTX. Because of the relatively thin insulation, these gloves can be worn year-round, with or without the use of any additional hand warming devices. The inclusion of GORE-TEX® with Gore® grip technology means that the waterproof membrane is directly laminated to the inside of the outer-shell, which significantly reduces water pick-up so the gloves stay dry and lightweight all the time.Furthermore, Primaloft® Gold is used to give your hands the warmth they need, while the abrasion-resistant materials protect your hands in case of a slide