Revit Gloves Boxxer 2 H2o Black

Part No: FGW0910010L
Revit Gloves Boxxer 2 H2o Black

Rev'it Gloves Boxxer 2 H2O - Item no. FGW091

The Boxxer 2 H2O gloves come with a knitted cuff and ensures the wrist area is closed off snugly to prevent wind chill from finding the hands. These popular short-cuffed gloves include a fixed hydratex® membrane; making it both waterproof and breathable. A hard knuckle protector is incorporated in the strong outer shell, which together, makes sure both impact protection and abrasion resistance are up to spec in case a ride ends less fortunately. The wrist adjustment tab is the final key in making sure these urban riding gloves as popular as they are.