Portland Cargo Jean Gry

Part No: DNM028GR30
Portland Cargo Jean Gry


  • Mens Cargo Style Denim Jean
  • 100% Dupont® Kevlar® Fibre Twill Protective Lining
  • Pre-Fitted Adjustable CE Knee Armour For An Improved Custom Fit
  • YKK Short Jean To Jacket Connecting Zipper
  • YKK Locking Fly Zip
  • Hip Armour Pockets Ready To Take CE Armour
  • Multiple Pockets
  • Double Belt Loop Design
  • Route One Leather Rear Badge
  • Route One Branded Buttons

Product Code: DNM028

Colour: Dark Grey

Sizes: Regular Leg (32in inside leg) 30-38''

Product Description

This jean comes is a fitted cargo style, which includes cargo thigh pockets associated with this style of pant. With a Dupont® Kevlar® protective lining to all impact points abrasion, burst and cut resistance performance is extremely high.

A new improvement to Route One is the addition of a locking YKK fly zip. Armour comes pre-fitted as standard in the knees and is also fully adjustable up and down on a high quality Velcro strip pocket, meaning the rider can get the perfect fit for the ride. Joining this jean up to a Merlin jacket is easy thanks to the YKK short connecting zipper on the rear.