O100 Optimate Usb Charger

Part No: O100
O100 Optimate Usb Charger

OptiMATE USB O-100

Combination 2400mA USB charger and 3-LED battery monitor, with vehicle battery protection.

SKU: O-100

  • Vehicle battery protection: USB output turns off 3 hours after engine stopped or when vehicle battery charge level is less than 50%.
  • 3 LED battery monitor (when USB output off) – battery status is displayed every 5 seconds.
  • 12V input through an industry standard SAE 2-pin connector.
  • 5V 2400mA true output.
  • Unique seal and cap design for USB socket ; use any USB cable, seals when inserted.
  • Short circuit, overheat, over-voltage protection.

Premium USB product designed by TecMate. 3-year limited warranty.