Motorex Oils Motoclean Atomiser 1 Litre

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Motorex Oils Motoclean Atomiser 1 Litre

Motorex Moto Clean Cool Sensitive Atomiser 1 Ltr 7300605
The motorcycle cleaner with power.
MOTO CLEAN is an environmentally neutral, thorough and fast-acting universal cleaner for cleaning motorcycles, standard mopeds, small mopeds, bicycles, small motorized devices etc. The innovative, optimized, water-based formula is biodegradable and does not burn. Thanks to its intense cleaning power, MOTO CLEAN takes effect quickly and is extremely thorough. It is concentrated but can also be used diluted. With the new 1000-ml manual pump spray, the cleaner can be dosed economically and can also be used overhead thanks to 360-degree application.

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