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Metzeler M7 Rr

Part No: 2450300
Metzeler M7 Rr

Metzeler Sportec M7 RR

Wet roads, dry roads, just ride it. Engineered to empower true riders

SPORTEC® M7 RR is derived from our experience in Road Racing and engineered to empower sport riders in all conditions of weather and temperature.
Introducing a new concept of water drainage and contact feeling thanks to dual-compound, Interact® technology and high silica compounds

Sporty handling

The improved sporty handling transmitts a strong feeling of safety and predictability, regardless of the conditions.

Our road racing derived profiles, feature high stiffness structures. Combine the two and you've got razor sharp agile handling, to suit sporty riding styles, whatever the road style.

The prices listed don't include fitting, please contact us on 01473 257401 for a fitted price to either loose wheels or the bike

There is a new M9 RR for 2020 which we also have listed!