Initiation Cover Screw Cpl.

Part No: 77230902144
Initiation Cover Screw Cpl.

KTM Factory ignition cover plug

'CNC machined version, highly resistant aluminium Precious anodized surface

Fits the following models:

Article NoDescriptionModel YearModel Variant
F5242T6250 Adventure 20202020AR
9903IA1190 RC8 20092009EU
F9775Q8690 Enduro R 20172017US
F5275T5250 Adventure 20202020US
F5386R1RC 390 20182018JP
9823J3990 Adventure R 20122010FR
F9960R51290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018AU
F4383T1390 Duke 20202020TH
F9960M61190 Adventure R 20132013AU
9775I8690 Enduro R 20092009US
F9975SF1290 Super Duke GT 20192019US
F9682TA790 Adventure 20202020PH
F8275N0350 XC-F 20142014US
F9903N21290 Super Duke R 20142014EU
F5286P1RC 250 20162016JP
F9960OA1290 Super Adventure 20152015AU
F8203P4Freeride 350 20162016EU
F9923P11190 RC8 R 20162016FR
F9903M31190 RC8 R 20132013EU
F9775Q4690 Duke 20172017US
9775I9690 SMC 20092009US
F5387T5390 Adventure 20202020CN
9703I8690 Enduro R 20092009EU
9703H6690 Enduro 20082008EU
9725H8690 Duke 20082008EU
F5387R2RC 390 20182018CN
F9986T41290 Super Adventure S 20202020JP
F4375O1390 Duke 20152015US
9860F5990 Adventure 20062006AU,GB
9803J5990 Adventure 20102010EU
F9987P91290 Super Duke R 20162016CN
F9923O71190 Adventure 20152015FR
F9960Q61290 Super Adventure R 20172017AU
F5375T5390 Adventure 20202020US
F4303S1390 Duke 20192019EU
F8175Q5250 SX-F 20172017US
F9775O8690 Enduro R 20152015US
F8103P2250 EXC-F Six Days 20162016EU
9799I8690 Rally Factory Replica 20092009EU
F4360O1390 Duke 20152015AU
9860E6950 Adventure 20052005AU,GB
F4342R1390 Duke 20182018AR
9803G2950 Supermoto 20072007EU
F8175R5250 SX-F 20182018US
9803G1950 Supermoto R 20072007EU
F9760P1690 Duke R 20162016AU
9875D3950 Adventure S 20042004US
9703J8690 Enduro R 20102010EU
F8275R9350 EXC-F 20182018US
F9923P61190 Adventure R 20162016FR
F9687TE790 Duke 20202020CN
F9975O91290 Super Duke R 20152015US
F5383T1RC 390 20202020TH
F8240Q9350 EXC-F 20172017BR
F5375Q1RC 390 20172017US
F9687T5790 Duke 20202020CN
F4387R1390 Duke 20182018CN
F9703N3690 Duke 20142014EU
F5287S1RC 250 20192019CN
F8275O2350 XCF-W Six Days 20152015US
F9903M11190 RC8 R 20132013EU
8175K0250 XC-F 20112011US
8475K5450 SX-F 20112011US
F9675S1790 Adventure 20192019US
F4389Q1390 DUKE 20172017MY
F8201N5350 SX-F 20142014EU
9986K31190 RC8 R 20112011JP
F5286T6250 Adventure 20202020JP
F4387N7BC390 Duke 20142014CN
F9923P91290 Super Duke R 20162016FR
F8103R4FREERIDE 250 F 20182018EU
F8303N7390 Duke 20142014EU
F9903T71290 Super Adventure R 20202020EU
F9903N91290 Super Duke R 20142014EU
9875H6990 Adventure 20082008US
F4341S1390 Duke 20192019CO
F5375R9RC 390 R 20182018US
F9603S6790 Duke 20192019EU
F9760M8690 Enduro R 20132013AU
F5303P2RC 390 20162016EU
F4360S2390 Duke 20192019AU
8275L5350 SX-F 20122012US
F9703O9690 SMC R 20152015EU
F4288T3250 Duke 20202020
F8201P5350 SX-F 20162016EU
F9960N21290 Super Duke R 20142014AU
F9986QE1290 Super Duke GT 20172017JP
987531950 Adventure 20032004US
F4360Q1390 DUKE 20172017AU
F9760O4C690 Duke 20152015MY
F4286T2250 Duke 20202020JP
F9903Q41290 Super Adventure S 20172017EU
F4242T1250 Duke 20202020AR
F4383S2390 Duke 20192019TH
F4375T1390 Duke 20202020US
F9960N91290 Super Duke R 20142014AU
9960L11190 RC8 R 20122012AU

This does fit other models too but this page isn't long enough to list them all! Please contact us to double check.