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Bridgestone Battlax Sc (scooter)

Part No: 7210
Bridgestone Battlax Sc (scooter)

Bridgestone Battlax SC

Top performance

Looking for tyres to match the performance of your high- powered scooter? The Battlax Scooter delivers the precision handling and stability you need to meet the challenges of city riding.

Sports handling

Above all, the Battlax Scooter gives you the confidence to push the limits of your scooter on both wet and dry surfaces for a fun ride, whatever your destination.

Secure contact

Advanced sporty tread patterns ensure a superior grip for that real sports feeling. Drive it in deep in the corners and push it even harder on the straights.

Ultimate comfort

Reduced pattern noise on the front and rear tyre ensures a really efficient and above all comfortable ride on a variety of surfaces.

Safety assured

Bridgestone's constant commitment to safety and reliability is your guarantee of tyres that are up to the job of keeping you on the straight and narrow.

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