Brake Reservoir Cover

Part No: 64113903000
Brake Reservoir Cover

KTM Brake fluid reservoir cover

These high-quality aluminum CNC components feature a superior abrasion-resistant eloxal coating and make a bold visual statement.

Fits the following models:

Article NoDescriptionModel YearModel Variant
F9691TA790 Adventure 20202020IN
F9660S3790 Adventure R 20192019AU
F9683SD790 Duke 20192019TH
F9691S5790 Duke 20192019IN
F9686S3790 Adventure R 20192019JP
F9687TA790 Adventure 20202020CN
F9675S6790 Duke 20192019US
F9675S5790 Duke 20192019US
F9682T5790 Duke 20202020PH
F9675S1790 Adventure 20192019US
F9675T4790 Adventure R Rally 20202020US
F9682T6790 Duke 20202020PH
F9603R6790 DUKE 20182018EU
F9675T5790 Duke 20202020US
F9675T2790 Adventure 20202020US
F9603T6790 Duke 20202020EU
F9603T1790 Adventure 20202020EU
F9603T2790 Adventure 20202020EU
F9675S2790 Adventure 20192019US
F9603S5790 Duke 20192019EU
F9675T1790 Adventure 20202020US
F9687T6790 Duke 20202020CN
F9642SC790 Adventure R 20192019AR
F9687TD790 Duke 20202020CN
F9675R5790 DUKE 20182018US
F9682TC790 Adventure R 20202020PH
F9683TD790 Duke 20202020TH
F9691S4790 Duke 20192019IN
F9603T8790 Duke L 20202020EU
F9688TA790 Duke 20202020
F9642TC790 Adventure R 20202020AR
F9687S5790 Duke 20192019CN
F9603S8790 Duke L (A2) 20192019EU
F9603TG790 Adventure 20202020EU
F9687T5790 Duke 20202020CN
F9690TD790 Duke 20202020MY
F9687SD790 Duke 20192019CN
F9682SC790 Adventure R 20192019PH
F9691S6790 Duke 20192019IN
F9688T1790 Adventure 20202020
F9603T3790 Adventure R 20202020EU
F9603S6790 Duke 20192019EU
F9682TB790 Adventure 20202020PH
F9687TC790 Adventure R 20202020
F9675R6790 DUKE 20182018US
F9687S6790 Duke 20192019CN
F9675T6790 Duke 20202020US
F9603R8790 Duke L (A2) 20182018EU
F9603T9790 Duke L 20202020EU
F9603T4790 Adventure R Rally 20202020EU
F9687T1790 Adventure 20202020CN
F9682TA790 Adventure 20202020PH
F9687T3790 Adventure R 20202020CN
F9642TA790 Adventure 20202020AR
F9603S2790 Adventure 20192019EU
F9603S9790 Duke L (A2) 20192019EU
F9603R5790 DUKE 20182018EU
F9688T3790 Adventure R 20202020
F9603S1790 Adventure 20192019EU
F9675S3790 Adventure R 20192019US
F9603S3790 Adventure R 20192019EU
F9687TE790 Duke 20202020CN
F9675T3790 Adventure R 20202020US
F9691TE790 Duke 20202020IN
F9603T5790 Duke 20202020EU