Autocom Gps Tracker

Autocom Gps Tracker

Autocom GPS Bike Tracker


The Autocom GPS Tracker allows current up-to-date information on the location of your bike. As all communication with the Tracker is done via SMS from your mobile phone, you are in direct control of the Tracker and the costs incurred, once you add a SIM card*.

Using the available number of alarms available it will give you peace of mind whilst away from your bike. Choose between the 'Shock', 'Movement', 'Speed' and other alarms to utilise to keep you in the know about your bike.

Using GPS satellite and triangulation from phone signal, the Autocom GPS Tracker gives clear information to up to five authorised mobile numbers of your bikes location within a dozen meters.

The Tracker will supply which alarm has been activated, along with longitude, latitude, time, speed, and a URL link which will open either in a map app, or your phones browser, showing the location of your bike.

*Please note that at this time '3' network SIM's will not work in the Autocom GPS Tracker.

GPS BIKE TRACKER Includes: GPS Tracker Unit Power Cable Screwdriver Operation manual