Topcase Alu 38l

Part No: 60112929100
Topcase Alu 38l

KTM Touratech top case

Robust and elegant aluminum top case, which passes all tests with flying colors, from daily rides through to adventures:

  • Body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum
  • Designed for extreme use
  • Completely waterproof and warp-resistant
  • Completely clearance-free seat, even after thousands of kilometers on the piste
  • Quick assembly
  • Tried-and-tested high quality, lockable stainless steel fittings
  • Built-in locks (not included in delivery) can be retrofitted without the need for drills or files
  • Dimensions: 315 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm
  • Volume: 38 l
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Load: 5 kg

A Top Case Carrier is also required.

Fits the following models:

Article NoDescriptionModel YearModel Variant
9803E6950 Adventure 20052005EU
F9987N61190 Adventure R 20142014CN
9803F5990 Adventure 20062006EU
9875H5990 Adventure 20082008US
F9903M41190 Adventure 20132013EU
F9903T61290 Super Adventure R 20202020EU
9803LB990 Adventure 20122012EU
F9603S2790 Adventure 20192019EU
F9903RC1090 ADVENTURE 20182018EU
F9960Q41290 Super Adventure S 20172017AU
F9975R51290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018US
F9675S3790 Adventure R 20192019US
9860G3990 Adventure S 20072007AU,GB
9803H3990 Adventure S 20082008EU
F9688T3790 Adventure R 20202020
F9960Q61290 Super Adventure R 20172017AU
F9903N71190 Adventure 20142014EU
F9923P41190 Adventure 20162016FR
F9987N51190 Adventure 20142014CN
F9975O51190 Adventure 20152015US
F9975QD1090 Adventure R 20172017US
F9903P81190 Adventure 20162016EU
9803H6990 Adventure 20082008EU
9803F1950 Supermoto 20062006EU
F9903N41190 Adventure 20142014EU
986031950 Adventure 20032003AU
9803K5990 Adventure 20112011EU
9803KF990 Adventure 20112011EU
F9960O61190 Adventure R 20152015AU
9875J6990 Adventure 20102010US
F9960OA1290 Super Adventure 20152015AU
9860JB990 Adventure 20102010AU,GB
9875K6990 Adventure 20112011US
9875D6950 Adventure 20042004US
F9642TA790 Adventure 20202020AR
F9986S71290 Super Adventure R 20192019JP
9860H5990 Adventure 20082008AU,GB
9860G5990 Adventure 20072007AU,GB
F9960N51190 Adventure 20142014AU
F9688T1790 Adventure 20202020
9803KH990 Adventure R 20112011EU
9860F5990 Adventure 20062006AU,GB
F9923O61190 Adventure R 20152015FR
F9903Q71290 Super Adventure R 20172017EU
9860K6990 Adventure 20112011AU,GB
9875LB990 Adventure 20122012US
F9960N41190 Adventure 20142014AU
9875J5990 Adventure 20102010US
F9960PA1290 Super Adventure 20162016AU
9803D1950 Adventure 20042004EU
F9903Q51290 Super Adventure S 20172017EU
F9903P41190 Adventure 20162016EU
9875L6990 Adventure 20122012US
9860F6990 Adventure 20062006AU,GB
F9975O41190 Adventure 20152015US
9860H3990 Adventure S 20082008AU,GB
F9903SD1090 Adventure R 20192019EU
9860D3950 Adventure S 20042004AU,GB
F9903S41290 Super Adventure S 20192019EU
F9986Q41290 Super Adventure S 20172017JP
F9975R41290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018US
F9923OA1290 Super Adventure 20152015FR
F9682TA790 Adventure 20202020PH
9803J5990 Adventure 20102010EU
9875F6950 Adventure 20062006US
F9975N41190 Adventure 20142014US
F9603TG790 Adventure 20202020EU
9860D5950 Adventure 20042004AU,GB
F9975S41290 Super Adventure S 20192019US
9803D5950 Adventure 20042004EU
F9987S41290 Super Adventure S 20192019CN
9803D3950 Adventure S 20042004EU
F9987O61190 Adventure R 20152015CN
9860F1950 Supermoto 20062006AU,GB
F9987T41290 Super Adventure S 20202020CN
F9986M61190 Adventure R 20132013JP
9875K3990 Adventure R 20122011US
F9903OC1050 Adventure 20152015EU
9875D3950 Adventure S 20042004US
9803K6990 Adventure 20112011EU
F9942SD1090 Adventure R 20192019AR
9823K3990 Adventure R 20112011FR
9860K3990 Adventure R 20112011AU,GB
F9903N61190 Adventure R 20142014EU
F9987QC1090 Adventure 20172016CN
F9923M61190 Adventure R 20132013FR
F9923N71190 Adventure 20142014FR
F9682TC790 Adventure R 20202020PH
9803G6990 Adventure 20072007EU
9803L3990 Adventure R 20122012EU
F9975P51190 Adventure 20162016US
9803KG990 Adventure 20112011EU
F9975R61290 SUPER ADVENTURE R 20182018US
9860I5990 Adventure 20092009AU,GB
F9986O41190 Adventure 20152015JP

This does fit other models too but this page isn't long enough to list them all! Please contact us to double check.